We are dedicated to improving the quality and reducing the cost of interconnection between networks in Puerto Rico.

At PR-IX, we develop interconnection ecosystems that allow Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to connect to the main Internet content providers and access speeds of up to 100 Gbps, with latency of only 1ms and significant cost reduction.

This enables our members to enhance the Internet experience for their customers. Our mission is to create and develop neutral Internet interconnection ecosystems in Puerto Rico, fostering the development of a local Internet with low latency, extremely high speed, and low cost.

Telxius CLS

Punta Las Marias – San Juán

Netwave Data Center

316 Av. de la Constitución – San Juán

Aeronet POP

Metro Office Park – Guaynabo

FiberX Data Center

Metro Office Park – Guaynabo



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Bandwidth Utilization

Thanks to everyone this project is made possible.

  • Osnet Wireless – AS21559
  • DM Wireless – AS53764
  • Fuse Telecom – AS393573
  • WorldNet – AS11367
  • Packetframe – AS968
  • Akamai – AS20940
  • University of Puerto Rico – AS5786
  • Gransy – AS69502
  • SpeedyNet – AS62913
  • DNS-OARC – AS112
  • AeroNet Wireless – AS14979
  • EdgeUno – AS7195
  • Google – AS36040
  • Data@ccess – AS395471
  • AlphaNet Wireless – AS400354
  • Netflix – AS40027
  • Continent 8 – AS14537
  • Sunbreak Electronics – AS395502
  • M.S. Wifi Zone – AS36435
  • ISC – AS3557
  • Nustream – AS18895
  • Meta – Coming Soon
  • Naicom – AS40880
  • FiberX – AS6208
  • VPNet – AS46868
  • Cache Networks – AS30081
  • Cloudsmash – AS27024
  • Packet Clearing House – AS42
  • Neptuno Media – AS30526
  • T-Mobile – Coming Soon

Our Internet Exchange service allows the interconnection of networks to exchange data locally to access more content and applications in real time with greater capacity and lower latency. Our service includes Peering and CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Available ports:

FiberX (Guaynabo) | Aeronet (Guaynabo) | Netwave (San Juán):

Telxuis (San Juán) | Engine 4 (Bayamón):

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